MinuteMan Bollards

We manufacture the patented MinuteMan Bollard System. Manually retractable by one person in under 60 seconds. Advantages of the Minuteman are you don’t need a forklift to remove the bollards and don’t need to figure out where to store them offsite. The system comes with a prefabricated rebar kit and all necessary hardware to install in the ground. Bollards are square. Decorative round sleeves (shown) sold seperately. Video and literature attached. We just installed several sets at the AZ State Capitol.
MinuteMan can be purchased in our standard 2-bollard array… 1200-MRB
(bollards are 4 foot apart on center) or our modular design 1100-MRB where you can install as many single units as needed to cover a particular gap or roadway. Bollards here are 4′ 8″ apart, clear opening.

MinuteMan Bollard System

The MinuteMan is a unique, patented, vehicular barrier system that is precisely counterbalanced and fully deployable in less than a minute with the push of a finger. Each bollard weighs over 350 lbs and can be moved into the up or down position in seconds without the assistance of forklifts or machinery. This flush, in-ground, rebar reinforced barrier system, is hot dipped galvanized and 100% manually deployable – No tripping hazards, no holes to cover, no power or controls required. Includes pre-fabricated and threaded rebar kit for use at time of installation. Optional sump pump and decorate sleeves available upon request. With a robust locking mechanism, bollards are always secure in the up or down position. Sealed bearings and effective drainage, assure minimal maintenance.