Wedge Barriers


Vehicle wedge barriers provide maximum protection against unauthorized vehicles for sensitive points of entry. Several manufactures design their wedge barriers with crash ratings which require that the barrier be crashed tested. Most military and government agencies will only accept installation of crash rated barriers at their locations.

Vehicle wedge barriers are an effective way to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a facility or compound. They are also popular with the Department of Defense to provide security for high-risk areas like manufacturing plants, corporate facilities, military bases, and utility installations.

When in the down position they allow passage of authorized vehicles into a facility. When in the up position, even very large trucks and transports will find it impossible to penetrate. These security barricades are the first line of defense at critical facilities around the world including embassies, nuclear facilities, military bases and corporate headquarters.

surface mount wedge
wedge barrier repair
Wedge, Plate and Finger Barriers (often referred to as wedge barriers) are designed for maximum perimeter entry security and are built for 3 types of installation;

• Surface Mounted Wedge Barriers (popular for parking ramps, vehicle parking and theft applications including valet parking and car rental/storage facilities). These barriers are mounted directly to the surface of the road or entryway.

• Shallow Foundation Wedge Barriers (popular where underground utilities are of concern but crash ratings are needed. Minimal excavation required, helping to avoid sewer, power, cable and other utilities).

• Deep Foundation Wedge Barriers (popular where underground utilities are not of concern and when maximum crash ratings are required with desired deep foundation installation).