AutoGate Electro-Mechanical Vertical Pivot Gates

AutoGate Vertical Pivot Gates – security features include anti-climb designs and all models have open and close cycles that range from 8-14 seconds, depending on the style and length. AutoGate is highly compatible with most access control systems as well as emergency entry devices used by Police and Fire departments. This could very well be the last gate you will own. K12 Defense is a certified reseller and installer for all AutoGate products – Pivot Gates – Shield Barriers – Crash Arms.  Call (480) 898-1272 today for a free estimate.

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AutoGate is the leading manufacturer of Vertical Pivot Gate systems in the USA. With a product suite focused on quality and over 100 combined years of experience in security sales and technical support, AutoGate is a complete source for secure entry solutions, including gates, barriers, fencing and accessories.

Their standard and anti-terrorism hostile vehicle mitigation products are appropriate for commercial facilities, gated communities, mini storage facilities, marinas, high threat level installations and any other location where pedestrian and vehicle access needs to be controlled.  With built-in Battery Back-up, you will have the security of knowing your gate will continue to operate during a short term power outage.

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Benefits of AutoGate

  • Custom Gates to fit your site challenges including Curbs, Swales, Contours, etc.
  • Pivots open 90°; less space is necessary for installation and operation.
  • Stand alone System (24Vdc Built-in Battery Backup)
  • Minimal Preventative Maintenance for long life operation
  • Vertical Pivot Gates operate well in all conditions including extreme heat, cold and snow.
  • No hydraulics! Low power consumption.  AutoGate is very GREEN!

Dozens of Pivot Gate options to choose from, including custom and crash rated M30 (K4) and M50 (K12) barriers.


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