Add extra security and privacy with our steel Barricade Fence Panel, designed to integrate with both of our 42” high Jersey shape barricades.

The frame and posts are made with 1 3/8” galvanized pipe and the pot supports are made of robust 1 1/2” galvanized square tubing. Routing clamps at the base of the panel secure the post support and allow the posts to adjust horizontally, making installation easy. Once installed, the fence panel will add an additional five feet above the 42” tall barricade creating an overall height of 8’ 6”.

Fence panels are typically used when a construction site borders traffic or pedestrian causeways. If debris or privacy are concerns, mesh fabric can be added to create a more pleasing appearance. Because the fence panel integrates with our standard construction barricades and TL-3 rated traffic barricades, they are useful in many applications. We can help you decide which combination of products is right for your situation.

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MB1010 – Steel Construction, Security & Privacy, Easy Installation


  • Adds security and privacy
  • Integrates with MB42x72 JSS and MB42x72 JSS LCD
  • Stands 8’ 6” from the ground when installed



  • Galvanized Steel


  • Width of panel: 70.75 in
  • Height of panel (not including post supports): 60 in
  • Height of post supports: 61 in
  • Height of posts: 50 in


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