E-Z Detector Checker

Take the guess work out of your next gate servicing trip with the BD Loops E-Z Detector Checker. The only device of its kind that can help pinpoint what is causing the problem within a loop circuit by the art of substitution.

The E-Z Detector Checker is a fully functional loop that fits in your hand, you simply hook it up in place of the currently installed loop to begin troubleshooting your system. The device has an LED light that lights up if the loop is being energized by the detector, which allows you to determine if the detector/harness wiring is sending power to the loop. With a press of the red button you can simulate a loop trip, and determine if the detector is functioning properly and make sure the gate operator is responding to the detector’s command.

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Our philosophy is that installers should test the easy to replace components of the loop system first. You can’t fix a loop in the ground, so test it last and be confident in your diagnosis.  If your at home reading lamp stops working what do you do? You put a new light bulb in it to see if that fixes it. The E-Z Detector Checker does the same thing, it’s a new loop (lightbulb) for your loop circuit (lamp).

The E-Z Detector Checker tests the detector, and harness wiring/circuit board connection. It does not test the loop, the only way to test a loop is with a megohmmeter. Learn how to properly test a loop with a megohmmeter here. The E-Z Detector Checker can also be used to help quickly calibrate open/close limits and swing timers.
We’ve had great success with the E-Z Detector Checker, it is a handy little device that can save your installers a lot of hassle when troubleshooting loop systems.

  • Unit is encased in a tough PVC shell.
  • Clip leads store neatly in base of unit.
  • Reduces the chance of cutting in a new loop when the problem was in the detector circuit.
  • Never needs battery replacement, unit is powered by the operator.
  • Allows the opportunity to increase your profits by reducing your servicing time and reducing repeat service calls.

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