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K12 Defense Manufactures fixed or swinging height restrictor barriers that are designed to give a highly visible warning in areas where vehicle height is restricted such as underground car parks, in and around parking areas with canopies and shade structures, low bridges, and other areas where overhead obstacles are a challenge. .

Our fixed model is ideal if a permanent height restriction is in place and our swinging height restrictor is intended for sites where high-sided vehicles, such as refuse lorries or delivery vans, require occasional access.

Both models are manufactured from heavy duty steel and aluminium with a galvanised, primed and painted finish.

With a standard height of 10 feet, they can be supplied in a range of widths and heights to suit virtually any application. All models can be installed directly into concrete or bolted to an existing concrete base.

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Available in multiple heights and widths to meet almost any parking structure and need.

  • Fixed Arm Height Restrictor.
  • Swing Arm Height Restrictor.
  • Removable Arm Height Restrictor.
  • Adjustable Arm Height Restrictor.

Height Restriction Barriers

Also referred to as a Truck Height Notice, Maximum Truck Height, Turn-around Barrier, Overhead Height Notice, Proceed with Caution Barricade, or Overhead Height Warning – a height restriction bar or barrier is a simple and effective way to secure car parks, parking garages, and other vulnerable areas with low hanging structures from large vehicles that could cause damage. A height restriction barrier features a steel cross beam that is attached to two large upright posts in a fixed position.

Vehicles that exceed the restriction barrier height will be unable to gain entry without sustaining significant levels of damage to their vehicle.
As with all barriers manufactured by K12 Defense, our height restriction barrier is designed and built to be robust and sturdy with 100% American steel. With multi-height limitations and widths, our car height restriction barriers suit a diverse range of car and truck entrance points.

All of our height barriers are available with swing gate options, giving you the ability to lock the parking area off to all vehicles as required.
If you are looking to install vehicle height restriction barriers, K12 Defense can create a custom solution. Our design team can work with you to produce a restriction barrier that is tailored to your specific requirements. We can incorporate your company colors and build the height restriction barrier to a custom height and span.

Fixed Height Restrictor

Removable Arm Height Restrictor

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Swing Arm Height Restrictor

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