High Security Fence System

Our mobile high-security fence system offers a much higher level of security than any other mobile fence system in the market. Our modular design allows for the system to be built upon to achieve the level of security you need from basic to extreme. Whether it be a major sporting event, music festival or protecting critical infrastructure, construction sites or a correctional facility, the ARX system is what you need when performance matters. Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC 2018.

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Our mobile high-security fence system offers a much higher level of security than any other mobile fence system.

Out Patent Pending ARX High-Security Fence System has been 2 years in development and is available for Rental or Purchase. It is unmatched in the ability to offer a true high-security surface mount fence system. Not only is it a surface mount system that can be used unballasted in some configurations, but it can also be anchored when and where possible. The engineered version is engineered to a 130MPH wind rating for extreme or coastal applications. With a simple forward-thinking design philosophy, we have built the finest, most threat adaptable temporary surface mount high-security fence available in the market.

Let us show you how the ARX System can help protect your people, place, or things.

Base ARX Fence System

  • 8’ (2.4m)
  • 12’ (3.6m)
  • Base 55” deep


  • Engineered 130 mph wind rating
  • 358 Welded Wire Face
  • Anti-Tamper Post in-Fills
  • Anti-Tunneling Base
  • Pedestrian Gates, ADA, and non-ADA
  • Vehicle Gates
  • Elevated Catwalk / Observation Platforms 4’ (1.2m) and 8’ (2.4m)
  • Tamper Proof / Locking Hardware
  • Razor Wire Top Brackets
  • Razor Wire Panels
  • Liquid Attack Panels
  • Ballistic Protective Panels
  • VAAW Mitigation Integrated Cable System
  • Conduit Holders for 2” (2 conduit holders for high and/or low voltage wiring)
  • Privacy screening with Graphics Packages
  • Senstar LM100 intelligent Intrusion detection LED lighting system


  • Government, Military & Police
  • Air / Sea Port
  • Industrial / Construction Sites
  • Music Festivals / Concerts / Sporting Events
  • Utilities & Critical Infrastructure
  • Municipal Festivals


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