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Bollard Barriers – Round Post

There are two types of bollards in use today – fixed and retractable.  Most are constructed from steel or aluminum and the most popular shapes are square and round.

Retractable bollards can be operated manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically and respond to a wide range of security specifications and design requirements. Fixed post bollards can either be attached to the ground surface or cemented into the ground.  This page is designed to help educate the public on types of round bollards and where their application is best suited.

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Bollards can be low or high impact resistant. While some are made to withstand strong impacts from vehicles, others are non-abrasive, bending upon impact and function only as a visual barrier. Bollards serve to protect pedestrians and infrastructure, as well as control traffic flow. Each of these bollards types have important, yet very different, purposes. Consider first the type of bollard, and then the site, to determine recommended installation practices and spacing for common bollard applications. Round bollards are very typical in the industry. You see them everywhere from fast food drive-thru’s to blocking sidewalks and federal building entrances.

Whether to calm traffic, protect assets, or create visual perimeters around landmarks, round bollards are functional, decorative posts used in everyday environments. Bollards come in a wide variety of aesthetics, from shiny stainless steel to traditional cast iron, or can be finished with vibrant powder coating to add a pop of color.

Since September 11, 2001, government officials have ramped up their requirments for vehicular barriers around most federal and state buildings. Many of these barriers are round bollards (either fixed or retractable). Crash rated barriers can be especially pricy. K12 Defense has developed an affordable crash engineered bollard barrier that is retractable without the need for traditional electric power or hydraulics. Code named: MinuteMan Bollards – these barriers are 100% self contained and made deployable in under 60 seconds.

LINK: bollard design for high speed impact energy absorption 
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