The Eastview Parking Valet Booth

For this valet booth, the client needed a small but comprehensive structure to assist customers entering and exiting the parking lot. One of the client’s requests was that the building specifications, and design of the booth, complement the architecture of the shopping mall it services. It was also necessary for the booth to provide a comfortable space for public parking and grounds security employees and to appear approachable and friendly to patrons.

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After consulting with several other national contractors, only B.I.G. was selected to fulfil the contract. Their choice was due to our outstanding customer service, affordable pricing, and a keen desire to meet their specific needs. As a result, their valet booth offers superior design and ample office space for the employees working inside. For the outside detailing, the unit features a custom-designed standing seam roof with an extended overhang to assist employees and patrons during inclement weather and architectural columns aesthetically aligned with the shopping mall’s prevailing theme.

For retail plazas, shopping malls, and campus-style office parks that are searching for high-quality, affordable valet booths for sale, look no further than B.I.G. Enterprises. Contact us for your complimentary quote.

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