Enforcer Anti-Ram Mobile Barrier

The Enforcer Anti-Ram Mobile Barrier (1350RVB) is a 10 foot Jersey style barrier made of reinforced steel and is 100% manually deployable with retractable wheels (no forklift or machinery required). Once in place, wheels can be raised within seconds, to secure barrier @ desired location. With its adjustable drop deck (tilt) trailer and 3 degree slope, barriers can be easily loaded and unloaded by one or two people. 

The Enforcer rolling vehicular barrier is the most affordable (per linear foot) anti-ram defender on the market. As a result, it’s ideal for events and road closures. Designed for emergency response and access control – providing crash barrier protection for people, construction zones and facilities. Barriers can be locked together in long sections, or separated to create walkways and drive paths for pedestrians. 

Each trailer can hold up to 6 Enforcer barriers, providing 60 feet of rapidly deployable continuous protection. The 1350RVB barrier weighs approximately 1350 lbs each. Enforcer can be moved by one person, including opening and closing of lanes or repositioning on the roadway. Each barrier is 37″ tall and 10′ long.

rolling mobile crash barrier
enforcer mobile rolling barrier
The Enforcer Anti-Ram Mobile Barrier / 1350 Pounds of Reinforced American Steel. Trailer package includes 26' drop deck trailer and six (6) Enforcer Mobile Crash Barriers. Rapid Deployment - Effortless Setup! Call (480) 898-1272.