Net Grab Barrier

Q: What is a Net Grab Vehicle Barrier or Arrestor Net?

A: A Net Grab Barriers is an Active Vehicle Barrier used at government and military installations to stop gate runners and to protect entry points against terrorist attacks.  Most effective as a final denial barrier or for access control, Net Grab Vehicle Barriers are a popular addition to any government facility requiring crash rated perimeter security with guaranteed stopping power. CALL (480) 898-1272 for pricing and availability on all Net Grab Barrier options.

Net Grab Vehicle Barriers
Active Vehicle Grab Net Barrier - M50 Crash Tested

K12 Defense Consultants are perimeter security specialists, certified in all aspects of installation, maintenance and repair for all major vehicle barrier brands and manufacturers. email to discuss your security needs with a knowledgeable barrier specialist!

arrestor net barrier
Also referred to as an "Arrestor Net Barrier" - available in a variety of sizes and from multiple manufacturers, spanning openings of 20 to 80 feet, call (480) 898-1272 for details.

 Barrier can deploy in less than 2 seconds. Ideal for final denial applications: Dept. of Defense, airports, transportation, etc. 

 Hydraulic-electric operation provides dependable and consistent deployment. 

 No replacement of net or parts after typical impact. 

 Reduced risk with energy absorption. Decelerates vehicle and allows barrier net to “give” upon impact.

net grab arrestor barrier

Net Arrestor Grab Barriers are a non-lethal solution for stopping hostile drivers from entering secure facilities. Available in a variety of lengths, crash ratings, and deployment styles – Net Vehicle Barriers have become a favorite barrier solution for airports, military instillations, Dept. of Defense, and government agencies. Rapid deployment or EFO ability is built into each barrier allowing for ultra-fast stopping power.