Electro-Mechanical (SAU) Retrofit Conversion

K12’s Electro-Mechanical Retrofit is a patented system – replacing all hydraulic hoses, motors and cylinders in your existing barrier(s). NO more spills, NO more leaks, NO more mess. Experience the reliability of an Electro-Mechanical actuator and say goodbye to your hydraulic nightmares!

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EMR9000 – Electro Mechanical Retrofit. The K12 Electro-Mechanical (SAU) Retrofit replaces the hydraulic system (originally used to raise and lower the barrier). The SAU (or Sealed Actuating Unit) replaces the hydraulic cylinders and only minor changes are made to provide clearance. As a result. no major changes are made to the barrier structure that would affect its crash rating. Are you ready to stop using hydraulics and say goodbye to all the headaches resulting from hose leaks, breaks, ruptures and breakdowns?

The original electrical control box, hydraulic pump, pump motor, hydraulic valves, fluid tank, hydraulic accumulators, hoses, and cylinders are completely removed and replaced with the All-Electric SAUs and a new electrical control cabinet. Battery backup (optional) may also be added to the system and provides a smooth barrier operation during a power failure.


You’re not alone! Hydraulic systems are prone to leaks, breaks, ruptures and are costly to maintain and repair. But you don’t have to remain stuck with your hydraulic headache. Ditch the oil and upgrade your barrier system to electric. The K12 Defense spring assisted SAUs incorporate brushless servo motor technology and have built-in absolute encoders along with mechanical fail safe brakes. The servo drives that operate the SAUs can control acceleration and deceleration while moving the barrier plate, arm or bollard very accurately from the down position to the up position and back again, resulting in very smooth, controlled movements. The fail safe mechanical brakes hold the barrier in position when it is not moving, even when electrical power is off.


The SAU utilizes an internal ball screw to convert the rotary motion of the internal motor to the linear push and pull motion required by the barrier. This ball screw mechanism is extremely efficient and has a rated life over 300,000 cycles. The springs on each actuator provide some of the lifting force required and therefore reduce the peak electrical demands and overall power consumption of the system.

Electro-Mechanical Barrier RetrofitCONVERT VIRTUALLY ANY BARRIER  

          • Wedge Barriers
          • Bollard Barriers
          • Drop Arm Barriers
          • Crash Gates

An industrial grade PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is incorporated into the electrical control cabinet. This helps coordinate all of the functions performed by the system. Any present and incorporated control or auxiliary devices are processed and controlled by the PLC. Examples include vehicle loop detectors, manual push buttons, traffic signal lights, and access control software. The external system all send or receive signals to and from the actuator system.  The program in the PLC determines the exact operating functions and features that are performed by each system. The PLC program can easily be modified to change, adjust, or add the features necessary to satisfy the exact operation desired for each barrier system.


  • Ditch the oil.
  • No more leaks.
  • Avoid the spills.
  • Stop the ruptures.
  • Say goodbye environmental clean-up.

The battery backup system allows each plate barrier system to be operated while power is off. The battery backup unit not only provides the power for the actuators to lift the barrier, but also provides the DC power.  DC power is required for the control system and signal lights to operate normally. The switching over from AC operation to DC is seamless. The only difference that will be noticeable when the system is running on battery backup power is that the move speeds (especially EFO) may be a little slower. The system will automatically switch back to AC power when it is available.

The battery backup system is charged from a dedicated 120 VAC circuit wired into the barrier enclosure. This makes it possible for the power to remain on when primary power is off. In this situation, the battery operation life would extend well beyond the normal time and number of barrier cycles.

Electro-Mechanical (SAU) Retrofit

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