Warehouse Bollards


Barriers to protect pallet racking, shelves, walls and equipment are often installed inside warehouses. These fixed post bollards are often attached to the ground and are not removable. Warehouse bollards protect vital areas against forklifts and other machinery that might inadvertently cause damage. K12 Defense Consultants manufacture and install a wide range of fixed post bollards for many applications. call (480) 898-1272

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AutoGate Electro-Mechanical Vertical Pivot Gates

AutoGate Vertical Pivot Gates – security features include anti-climb designs and all models have open and close cycles that range from 8-14 seconds, depending on the style and length. AutoGate is highly compatible with most access control systems as well as emergency entry devices used by Police and Fire departments. This could very well be the last gate you will own. K12 Defense is a certified reseller and installer for all AutoGate products – Pivot Gates – Shield Barriers – Crash Arms.  Call (480) 898-1272 today for a free estimate.

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BOLLARDS Bollards Barriers – Security, Safety, Systems Bollard barriers have the capability to be fixed or moveable. Drive systems used to move an active barrier might be hydraulic, electric, compressed gas or manual deployment. Many bollard barriers are also crash rated or “engineered” to withstand a direct hit from an intentional intruder.  Barriers that are …

EM Conversions

EM Conversions Electromechanical Hydraulic Actuator Conversions K12 Defense has taken an innovative, cutting edge approach to the problems associated with hydraulic pop-up and beam barriers. Our state-of-the-art electro-mechanical (EM) system decreases downtime due to hydraulic failures and will cut maintenance costs by as much as 80%. Our EM system is also more environmentally safe. Most …


INSTALLATION In partnership with K12 Defense Consultants – C.B. Contracting offers the equipment and expertise to capably implement your plans to produce the desired end result: Keeping your facility safe and operational. Contact us to discuss your specific protection requirements. K12 Defense has helped to protect military, law enforcement, reclamation, financial, rental car and federal …


Company THE K12 APPROACH For over 25 years, K12 Defense Consultants has dedicated its efforts to supplying excellence in homeland security and force protection services and products. K12 Defense Consultants is proud of its global track record of providing, installing, integrating and maintained barrier system.  In addition to installing and maintaining wedge, bollard and drop …

Electro-Mechanical (SAU) Retrofit Conversion

K12’s Electro-Mechanical Retrofit is a patented system – replacing all hydraulic hoses, motors and cylinders in your existing barrier(s). NO more spills, NO more leaks, NO more mess. Experience the reliability of an Electro-Mechanical actuator and say goodbye to your hydraulic nightmares!

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Services PERIMETER SECURITY SOLUTIONS BY DEFENSE CONSULTANTS K12 provides consultation which covers the needs of your facility’s security. A site visit will quickly identify the site strengths and weaknesses. Our team will work with you to identify major vulnerable points for the facility, while identifying the highest risk for use security breech. After making an …