Tire Spike Barrier


Q: What is a vehicle spike or tire spike barrier?

A: A vehicle tire spike barrier uses teeth to deter gate runners and unauthorized traffic from entering or exiting a facility. Often called tire shredders or tiger teeth barriers, these vehicle spike barriers can be either surface mounted (which avoids trenching and disturbing utilities), or flush mount (below ground) which creates a smoother driving surface for better traffic flow. Manual, one-way spike systems utilize a spring loaded surface mechanism to deter vehicles from driving the wrong way or entering unauthorized areas. More sophisticated systems are mounted in the ground and require electric or hydraulic activation. Customers seeking a robust tire spike barrier can contact K12 Defense for pricing and availability. K12 Defense is also certified to repair and install a wide range of configurations and models from many manufacturers. 

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tire spike barrier
Tire Shredder / Tire Spikes

Tire Spike Barriers are popular at rental car facilities, airports, parking garages and other locations where limiting vehicular access to parking lots and parking structures is critical. Contact K12 Defense for spike repair, maintenance or install.

After a vehicle’s tires have passed over the barrier, the teeth automatically raise back up to their default position. This prevents drivers from backing up or unauthorized vehicles from entering protected areas. Tire shredders or “tire spike barriers” are some of the most effective deterrents against unlawful entry into areas of high concern.   

Tire Shredder Spike Barrier