Surface Mount Beam Barrier


Q: What is a surface mount beam barrier?


A surface mount beam barrier is made of reinforced steel and works much like a foundation beam barrier that uses vertical or horizontal actuation to move the beam into place for stopping traffic. Surface mount beam barriers are mounted to a subsurface foundation to keep them secure, and are ideal for government facilities, military bases, airports, and public facilities requiring crash protection at vulnerable locations.  Most surface mount beam barriers move up and down, but alternative options move horizontal such as on a gate or fence. Surface mount beam barriers are most often used for controlling traffic and protecting vulnerable roadways from breaches. Customers requiring repairs to an existing surface mounted beam barrier can contact K12 Defense to explore options for repair, electro-mechanical retrofit or replacement.


K12 Defense Consultants are certified resellers / installers for AutoGate crash beam barriers and Barrier1 Pivot beam surface mount barriers. Both manufacturer M50 crash tested beam barriers that are highly effective at stopping large trucks and attack vehicles. (see crash rating guidelines below).