Shallow-Mount Vehicle Barrier


Q: What is a shallow-mount barrier?


A: A shallow mount barrier is any type of vehicle crash barrier that is installed in a shallow footing, thus helping avoid disrupting utilities and other underground obstructions. Shallow mount barriers often require a larger surface footprint to accomplish the desired crash rating, which alleviates the need to excavate too deep. Shallow mount barrier options include drop-arm, bollard, wedge and beam gate barriers.

beam barrier

AutoGate pivot gates make several shallow mount beam/gate barriers that are attracting customers in the defense and government sectors. K12 Defense is authorized to install and maintain shallow-mount barriers globally for most manufacturers. Call (480) 898-1272 for a complete list of shallow-mount vehicle barriers with and without crash test ratings.

Traditional “deep-mount” bollards require excavation and trenching, which can be costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, pipes and utilities below grade may also prevent the installation of deep sub-surface bollards and barriers. 

Unlike other types or classes of bollards, “shallow-mounts” are designed to be installed directly at or close to the surface. Impact protection bollards, which are usually installed three or more feet deep into the substrate, can now be replaced with shallow-mount options which utilize a rebar cage and concrete to offset the depth. Shallow mounts can be installed on a flat plate or ‘biscuit’ that’s connected to another bollard or barriers.  Keep in mind that shallow mount barriers only require a fraction of the required depth, with requirements ranging from 2 feet to 2 inches! Contact K12 today for more information.