Surface Mount Drop-Arm Barriers

Q: What is a surface mount drop-arm barrier?

A: A surface mount drop-arm barrier is similar to a beam barrier in that it is attached to the surface of the roadway and usually does not require much trenching or subsurface ground work. Surface mount drop-arm barriers are for above ground protection with an arm that lifts from vertical to horizontal. Drop arm barriers also provide a solution where there is a limited amount of space on either side of the roadway. In some configurations, surface mount drop-arm barriers can swing horizontally to open and close off roadways.

Basic Traffic Arm Barrier
M50 Crash Tested Drop Arm


Drop arm or swing barriers can also be purchased in a variety of lengths, helping to avoid digging into the roadway and disturbing underground utilities. K12 Defense manufactures and has been installing surface mount drop-arm barriers across the country and globe for military, government and private industry to protect roadways and increase perimeter security.


Those desiring to move away from a hydraulic drop-arm barrier configuration, can have their barrier(s) converted to electric with a  K12 Defense electro-mechanical retrofit, which will leave the barrier crash rating intact and remove the mess and hassle of dealing with hydraulic leaks and breaks. Contact K12 Defense for all you surface mount drop-arm barrier needs. CALL (480) 898-1272