Why Use Bollards?

bollards in front of walmart

Q: Why use bollards for perimeter security?

A: Bollards are vertical posts that are secured to the ground to create a physical barrier to protect buildings, pedestrians, and other facilities from vehicular intrusion. Many large retailer are placing bollards in front of entrances and exits to reduce the risk of “crash and grab” intrusions and other unwanted physical breeches.  Bollards also protect customers from injury cashed by vehicles. The above photos show examples of bollard placement at retail and government buildings.

bollard examples - why use bollards?

Bollards can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Materials: Steel, Concrete, Aluminum

Shapes: Square, round, triangular

Deployment: Fixed, removeable, electric, self deployable (MinuteMan Bollards)

Sizes: 20″ to 60″

Crash Ratings: Engineered, Tested, Certified, Failed, Non-tested