Anti-Ram or Anti-Vehicle Barriers

Q: What is an Anti-Ram or Anti-Vehicle Barrier?


A: An Anti-ram or Anti-Vehicle barrier is a specialized security framework. These barriers are designed to stop potential vehicle attacks on buildings, pedestrians and entrances to government and military installations. These specialized barriers can be fixed or mobile and include a variety of configurations. Common products include bollards, wedge barriers, drop arms, beam, gate and mobile rolling barriers. Barriers are strategically placed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering protected areas or breaching crowds of civilians. K12 Defense is a major manufacturer of unique barrier solutions that are ideal for areas of high concern. The “Minuteman” manually deployable bollard system and “The Enforcer” Mobile rolling anti-ram vehicle barrier have proven effective at stopping gate runners and other mobile threats on pedestrians and high security facilities.

barriers wedge
Anti-Ram and Anti-Vehicle Wedge Barriers
enforcer mobile barrier
The Enforcer Anti-Ram Mobile Barrier
anti ram bollards
MinuteMan - Manually Deployable Anti-Ram Bollards

The Department of Homeland Security defines an Anti-Ram or Anti-Vehicle Barrier as providing a sufficient level of protection and mitigation from vehicle-borne threat to a secured area.  Applications in which these barriers are normally used include airports, borders, U.S. government facilities, ports, public venues, and law enforcement facilities.