Bollard Barriers

Q: What is a bollard barrier? 


A: A bollard barrier is a post, typically made of steel, used for anti-vehicle barrier protection. Common configurations include surface mounted (fixed), anchored in the ground with cement, or moveable with the assistance of hydraulics, electric motors or deployed manually by hand. Bollard barriers help regulate pedestrian and vehicle movement and are often used in front of retail stores, military installations, courthouses and other high-traffic and high-security locations. These barriers are often used to minimize building or equipment damage. They also help reduce theft by vehicle ram-raids, accidental driver errors, employee & customer Injuries, and insurance claims.


Bollard barriers are an example of some of the first anti-ram vehicle barriers used in the United States. K12 Defense Consultants, located in Mesa Arizona, manufactures a unique bollard barrier configuration that is manually deployable and acts as a rapidly deployable anti-ram vehicle barrier. Each bollard weighs over 350 lbs and can be moved into the up or down position in seconds without the assistance of forklifts or machinery. This flush, in-ground, rebar reinforced barrier system, is hot dipped galvanized. MinuteMan is also 100% manually deployable – and creates no tripping hazards, no holes to cover, no power or controls required. Includes pre-fabricated and threaded rebar kit for use at time of installation.

bollard barrier example
Example of Bollard Barriers Lining a Government Building Entrance
automated bollards
Automated Bollards @ Federal Courthouse
minuteman bollard system
MinuteMan Bollard System - 1 Finger Deployment

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