What is a Wedge Barrier?

Q: What is a Wedge Barrier? 

A: A wedge barrier is a type of active vehicle barrier that sits in a flush position with the surface of the ground. Most wedge barriers are surface mounted or buried in the roadway. Recently, some manufacturers have developed a mobile wedge barrier that can be towed to specific locations for rapid deployment.  When the wedge is in the up position, wedge barriers lock in position forming a wedge shape to block oncoming traffic. Wedge barriers are very effective for stopping gate runners and locking down entry/exit points against terrorist attacks. K12 Defense Consultants has developed an electro-mechanical retrofit that replaces all hydraulics in existing barriers that are prone to leaks and breaks. Many military installations and government buildings are moving away from hydraulic barriers and upgrading their barriers to electric. No more hydraulic line breaks, spills or mess from oil spills. 


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Upgrade Hydrualic to Electric
hydraulic barrier leak
Is Your Wedge Barrier Needing Repair?

You’re not alone! Hydraulic systems are prone to leaks, breaks, ruptures and are costly to maintain and repair. But you don’t have to remain stuck with your hydraulic headache. Ditch the oil and upgrade your barrier system to electric. The K12 Defense spring assisted SAUs incorporate brushless servo motor technology and have built-in absolute encoders along with mechanical fail safe brakes. The servo drives that operate the SAUs can control acceleration and deceleration while moving the barrier plate, arm or bollard very accurately from the down position to the up position and back again, resulting in very smooth, controlled movements. The fail safe mechanical brakes hold the barrier in position when it is not moving, even when electrical power is off.


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