Surface Mount Wedge Barriers

Q: What is a surface mount wedge barrier? 

A: A surface mount wedge barrier, when in the up position, forms a wedge shape to block oncoming traffic from entering or exiting a desired location. Surface mount wedge barriers either mount to the surface of the roadway or can be lowered into position with a trailer (often referred to as a mobile wedge barrier).  Surface mounted wedge barriers are very effective for stopping gate runners and locking down entry/exit points against terrorist attacks. Mobile wedge barriers set on the surface of the roadway are quick to install. Mobile surface mount wedge barriers are often used in parking structure ramps or areas with sub-surface drainage problems where an inground barrier would be problematic. 

These surface mount barricades are lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles and are available in widths up to 20 feet. Ideal for providing high security vehicle access control for airports, corporate offices, banks, city and federal government offices, museums, oil refineries, factories and railway stations where vehicle access control is paramount. 

Customers seeking repairs to existing surface mount wedge barriers can contact K12 Defense Solutions for options, including upgrades to electric actuators and/or removal of hydraulic components prone to costly breakdowns. Call (480) 898-1272 for more information.