What is a Crash Beam Barrier?

Q: What is a crash beam barrier? 

A: Crash Beam Barriers use vertical or horizontal actuation to move a beam into place for stopping traffic and gate runners at government facilities, military bases, airports, public and private entities and many automotive sales facilities such as Hertz Rental Car and Carmax.  Most beams move up and down, but alternative options move horizontal such as a gate or fence. Beam barriers in many instances are very similar to drop arm barriers. Beam barriers are most often used for controlling traffic and protecting vulnerable roadways. Crash rated beam barriers are available in hydraulic, electric, and manually operated configurations depending on the volume of traffic encountered.  Crash rated beam barriers carry ratings from M30 to M50 (K4 to K12) with penetration levels up to 3 feet or less. 

Multiple configurations include vertical and horizontal actuation with lengths from 10’ to 30’ are very common among a wide variety of models and manufacturers. Adjustable speed options are also utilized with the ability to provide an Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) of less than 2 seconds if required. K12 Defense Solutions provide standard and customized solutions for customers requiring crash beam barrier protection. K12 Defense can also convert existing hydraulic beam barriers over to electric with an electro-mechanical retrofit. 

crash beam barrier
Example: Crash Beam Barrier
crash beam barrier
Rising Beam Barrier

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