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K12 Defense is an internationally experienced design, installation, and maintenance innovator commanding a solid footprint in the narrow but diverse sector of perimeter security.

Our skilled workforce has successfully implemented a wide-range of security devices – from a simple, physically imposing barrier configuration to installations using our unique and precisely engineered, sophisticated antiterrorism technology, featuring real-time analytics.
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What We Do


From standard Bollards and Drop-Arms to heavy duty Wedge Barriers and crash-rated Gates, we have the ability to protect your facility.


Installation is only the beginning. We service, repair, and maintain all types of barriers and offer various solutions for any issues you may be seeing.


Staying on the cutting edge of advancing technology to better protect our clients is a priority. Check out our proprietary ELADDIN system.


Keeping your facility safe and operational is paramount in todays society. K12 can assess your facility and its individual vulnerabilities.

Diverse Experience

General construction experience includes familiarity with all kinds of subsurface conditions, particularly where an installation requires application of concrete, steel, and/or rock, coupled with electrical wiring, fiber and other utility conduits. K12 Defense utilizes advanced engineering capabilities in most of our installations. We maintain many of these global assets on a monthly basis and offer immediate response to critical assets requiring security clearance and/or experienced diagnosis and repair.

Assets we maintain include military bases, Federal Reserve buildings, state, county and federal building, municipal utility plants, oil & gas storage facilities, regional dams, large industrial sites, and properties with security sensitivity belonging to the US Departments of State, Energy and Defense.